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About Us

Midsummer Rhodesian Ridgebacks is committed to responsible breeding for the betterment of the breed. Breedings will be planned and infrequent. Mentorship has been provided by Lionridge’s Patty Olney, long-known for her commitment to ethical breeding, along with RedSkye's Linda Cannon and the late Nancy Brandewie, similarly known for their commitment to and love of the breed.

Midsummer Rhodesian Ridgebacks strives to breed physically sound dogs with a reliable temperament. The goal is not to create a lineage that is in vogue, but to return to the breed standard: strong bone, effortless gait, even tempered.

Owners are required to take their puppies to obedience or basic training class in the first year.  Socialization and obedience are stressed to ensure that Midsummer dogs will remain in their homes, and to prevent any unwanted behaviors.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks have long been admired for their devotion and protection of their families, and Midsummer maintains a similar standard for prospective homes.

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