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The Breeder


As a former owner of a retired military working Bloodhound, a slew of Dachshunds, and a few Beagles and Bassets, it never occurred to me to own anything other than a hound. Their tenacity is impressive, and they can certainly keep an individual on their toes. However, I wanted a hound that was athletic, resilient, intelligent, and very little drool. Although I loved my droolers dearly, I also love going to work without slobber on my jackets. Thus, I have long admired the lion hunters of Africa.


The decision to breed was not an easy one—I was first a rescuer, and proudly own four dogs that were rescued from puppy mills. Yet my love and respect for the breed is my motivation: I want to ensure that the Rhodesian Ridgeback remains the awe-inspiring breed that it is, I want to ensure that Rhodesian Ridgebacks do not fall victim to fashion and poor choices. My goal is that twenty years from now, I can look at the Midsummer line and see that I helped make the breed better.

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