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About the Breed

A Little Bit

Reasons potential homes consider a Rhodesian Ridgeback range from wanting a strong companion and friend to wanting a training partner that can keep up with the most intense endurance athletics to liking the way they look.  What many people might not consider is the kind of personality and energy that a dog which piques such a broad range of people's interests has, and the work that such a dog requires.  


The Ridgebacks' "claim to fame" (apart from their titular back hairs) is that they were originally bred to hunt lions.  Real lions.  














To say that a dog bred for such a task might be anything other than a handful is an understatement.  They have an intense and protective bond with their family; they are strong-willed, intelligent, energetic, ornery, mischievous, sometimes defiant (and did we mention strong-willed and intelligent?).  They are not easily swayed once they make up their mind; yet they are also sensitive, spirited, curious, goofy, and loving.  They require lots of environmental, interpersonal and canine societal stimulation, and they thrive with a lifestyle focused around exercise - they often do not do well being crated for long periods of time.  No two Ridgebacks are the same, and though each doesn't necessarily have all of these traits in spades, any combination thereof makes for a dog that is not suited for every person or every lifestyle.  It takes a dedicated, experienced owner or family to mesh well and thrive with a Ridgeback, and a commitment to have your sensibilities tested.


In short: prepare to be challenged.  Ridgebacks are known for testing their owners at the most inappropriate times.  They are not a "first dog" breed.  Typical Ridgeback owners previously have experience with and have owned hounds, or other independent, strong-willed breeds such as Rottweilers and Dobermans.  


The official AKC webpage lists Ridgebacks as medium size and medium energy based on the "Desirable Weight" of the AKC Official Standard of the Rhodesian Ridgeback; both the size and energy of most members of our line - sires, dams, progeny and immediate relatives - are slightly more than medium in both regards.  This means weight ranging anywhere from 85-100 lbs for our bitches or dogs;  and, as for energy, our line's foundations have been known to thrive running 2-4 hours a day, to participate in competitive lure coursing, and to rank in the Top 10 for conformation amongst Rhodesian Ridgebacks.  Midsummer's litters might be few and far between, but the quality of the dogs we are building upon means that our small family is poised to stand out in the Ridgeback world, and we are looking for similarly impressive homes with whom to build our future.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks Hunting a Lion
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